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Working on a call center… mistakes will sure happen when talking to a customer. Chances are you or your colleagues may have committed the same mistakes..:)

Below are some of the list of spoofs (some are actually mine) that happened while on a call. Enjoy! 🙂

On the phone:

Agent: Hello my name is ___
Caller: I just want to know what or how to use your video editing software?
Agent: Mr. Caller our video editing software is a software that you can actually see your everything…” (huwat everything??!!)

Customer calling to get a new password:

Tech: Your new password will be AQ1245
Tech: That will be A for Apple, Q for CUTE, and numbers 1245.

hehehe.. so that will be L for ELEPHANT??!!!

Agent: Sir, can I hold you for a minute?
Caller: uhmmm…

where? hehehe

Pinoy abroad calling…
Caller: Thank very much you are very helpful. Before you go, can you tell me where is your office located?
Tech : You are most welcome Ma’am and our office is located in the Philippines.
Member: Walang yaka… Pinoy ka din pala! Mag tagalog ka na lang.
Tech : Pasensya na po kayo, Sir… pero bawal po kase ang magtagalog while talking to our members. Ü…

bawal pala ha…

A techie agent talking to a not so techie customer:
Agent : Sir, what i need you to do now is to open your PC..
Caller: What?! You want me to open my P*SSY?!

Nyahahah… Too much porn sites!!! 🙂

Another letter mistake… this time… an irate agent to a shocked caller.
Caller: Ok, just to me sure. My new password is r2m300. R for Roger…
Agent: (immedicately interupting the caller) NO!!! THAT’S R for ROMEO…


Agent: (in a very deep manly voice) Thank you for calling XXXX, my name is Tuesday. How can I help you today?
Caller: You said your name is Tuesday, right?
Agent: Yes, that’s Tuesday.
Caller: Are you a gay???!!!

nyahahah… tita!!!

So if you have one yourself, feel free to post it here…. it would’nt hurt have a good laugh!!! 😉

Last modified: January 30, 2018

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