Friendster Virus?!

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Looks familiar… right?

Anyway… alot of my friends in friendster are getting this so called Friendster virus/ comment virus or a comments being posted on their profile that supposedly came from them or their friends. But they are telling me that they did not post the so called comments. Then it happened.. one of my friendster notified me that I posted the same comment on ther profile. Wtf!!! So to clear my no so clean name.. 🙂 I tried to look/catch for the culprit. So I traced back all the computer where I login to my friendster account. Anyway… to make the long story short, I changed the login email and password for my friendster to avoid this from happening again, so now I keeping tabs on where I access my friendster account. But my other friends are not so lucky.
To help you prevent or stop this, I listed down some of the things that you can do… 🙂

  1. Do not.. I mean do not even think of clicking on the comments. Yes, I must admit, the picture is really tempting… but clicking on the picture may even make things worst. 🙂
  2. If you one of your friends complained that you post this so called comment on their profile, chances are… all of your friends have this comment and it will look as if you posted this to them. So this happens, immediately notify all your friends about the issue and just ask them to delete the comment. You can use the POST BULLETIN or SHOUTOUT feature.
  3. If you are the receiving end of the comment, just delete it and notify the person who posted the comment.
  4. If this is always happening or it is a recurring incident, chances are who ever is behind the scheme already got a lock on your friendster account. You may want to do the following to prevent this from happening again.
  • Change the password for your friendster account, you may also want to change your login email address.
  • Scan your computer for malware/spywares and viruses. Make sure it is updated and always use the FULL SCAN settings.
  • If not sure, try not to access, not just your friendster account but your emails as well using any public computers like internet cafe.
  • Do not download files from unknown sources, this goes for links as well.
  • Always keep your computers and other softwares updated, to fix those nasty holes and bugs. See Microsoft issued a fix for the “zero-day” vulnerability and Mozilla released FireFox 3.0.5.

Neway, that’s the most effective steps that we can do to prevent not only the Friendster comment virus but also other online threats. 🙂

Do not even try to click on the picture… I bet you did!?

Last modified: January 30, 2018

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