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I was reading this book “50 ways to save our world” so far I’m at number 10. This is an old book, since it was published last 1999. Anyway.. while reading the book, it caught my attention that most items written in the book are the exact same things that are being promoted today. Like recycle, use biodegradable materials.. etc. I guess people just read those stuffs and not apply them to their daily life.. anyway… here’s my version of ways to save our environment. Since this a Tech Blog, what better was to do that is to use IT to save our Planet. I may add more items once I’m done reading…:)

4 Hi-Tech ways to save the environment.
Sorry for the title.. I can’t think of any other titles… may be you can suggest a better one..:)

1. Go Paperless.
If you are receiving your monthly statement in letter form, say credit card statement, electric and water bills. It’s to switch to the paperless options. Some companies do offer paperless billing, so your monthly billing will be sent to your email every month without the carrier getting lost, you may also want to check if they have mobile notifications.

You will not only save papers from being wasted, will also be saving the trees that are used from making those papers.
Other ways to go paperless is just read news online, read eBooks and also that old thing we call email.

2. Pay bills online.
This may sound like a going paperless but there’s more to paper when paying bills online. When you pay online, first, you do not have to wait in-line just to see the cashier posting the NEXT COUNTER PLEASE sign (grrr…) Second, you save time driving through traffic just to pay that Php 150 charged on your credit card. And third, if you don’t drive then you lessen your gasoline consumption; there by lessening the air pollution, avoid being stuck in traffic, Oh! Did I also mention that you also save some papers in the process?

3. Go Offline
I know… I know… I can see what you are thinking. After I mention online then I’ll go Offline. (What the heck? Right?) Hear me out on this. Ok, after you reading an article or two, opened your emails, read some news, paid your bills and checked your monthly statements, then you may want to stay offline for a change. If you spend 3 to 4 hours in front of the computer per day, then you may want to cut that into half say an hour and a half or 2 hours maximum per day. This will not only cut down on your electric expenses but it will also all you to spend time with your family, play with your kid or take a walk for a change. To stretch those arms and legs. Hehehe…Ü

4. Recycle.
Of course the best way to save mother earth is to recycle. So if you have an old cell phone hidden somewhere (say under your bed perhaps?!), or an old computer collecting dust in the corner, or may be those not so old PS1 or PS2, then you may want to give them away rather than let them spend their remaining days unused.

I’m sure a nephew or niece will consider you the best uncle if you gave him that old computer or cell phone of yours. With a little upgrade here and there, then that old computer of yours will sure be appreciated by many. Or don’t you want to see that big smile on your brother when you give him that old PS1 or PS2 yours.

Last modified: January 30, 2018

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