It’s Complicated!

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“It’s Complicated” most people that I have on my friendslist have this status. I really done get what “It’s Complicated” means. I looked up the “COMPLICATED” in the dictionary and here’s what I got.

Definition of complicated (adjective)
confusing; hard to understand; difficult; complex

Now let’s us try checking the available status that you can use on Friendster.

Now we have the following:

So if we are to define each of these status, then may be we can get that we are looking for. So I went to, to know the answer.

single –adjective
1. only one in number; one only; unique; sole: a single example.
2. of, pertaining to, or suitable for one person only: a single room.

In a relationship:
Of course “in a relationship”, is a no brainer. This means that you are with someone, you either have a Girlfriend or a boyfriend or even both. 🙂

Domestic Partner:
For the domestic partner, I once again needed the help of google.
domestic partner
either member of an unmarried, cohabiting, and esp. homosexual couple that seeks benefits usu. available only to spouses.

Of course we all know what married means. For the sake of those who do not know how to use a dictionary.. geez…

1. united in wedlock; wedded: married couples.
2. of or pertaining to marriage or married persons; connubial; conjugal: married happiness.
3. (of an antique) created from components of two or more authentic pieces.
4. interconnected or joined; united.

With those cleared out, that leaves with one more item and that’s “It’s complicated” status.. I seriously think it is a status that one needs to use if all the other status does not apply. It’s like

“Hey I’m not single nor married and I do not have a partner or into a relatationship, but I’m happy and I’m just enjoying what I have now. So who cares…”

Anyway.. well this things is getting a little complicated… and my head hurts really bad for trying to uncomplicate things that are complicated…may be you know the answer. 🙂

Just drop me a comment if you do. Thanks.

I need to get some sleep. 🙂

Last modified: December 9, 2008

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It’s Complicated!

  1. Jeni says:

    ha ha ha!!! my status in friendster is “Its complicated” too! ;D

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