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I’ve been using Yahoo Messenger and AIM for the longest time now and I have not seen any significant upgrade or improvement made by Yahoo, except of course with the themes, plugins and other stuff. Which are pretty much minor updates but it would be nice for Yahoo to borrow some of AIM’s feature like logging in to multiple account or the “Linking screen name” feature, where you can setup AIM to login to a total of 7 AOL and AIM screen names, which is also the total number of AOL screen name that you have on one AOL Account.

So rather than using Meebo or using eBuddy, I scour the net for a minor tweak that I can do… no software to install, no plugin to download, just pure tweaks on Windows registry. 😉

And here’s what I found:

  • Open REG EDIT, and if don’t know how to open it, here’s how.
  • Go to Start menu and choose Run
  • A window opens. Please type regedit and press Enter
  • On the left side of the window you would find folder listings
  • Goto “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\Pager\Test” folder by double clicking on them
  • Now create a registry DWORD with value name Plural by right clicking on the right hand side window.
  • Double click the new DWORD entry and set the value to 1

As for my version of the steps(with screenshots), follow them below:

  1. Open REGEDIT, and if don’t know how to open it, here’s how:
  • Go to Start menu and choose Run
  • A window opens. Please type REGEDIT and press Enter
  1. Once REGEDIT is open, goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Yahoo > Pager > Test” to open the folder just double clicking on them or click on the plus sign next to the items.
  1. After clicking on the TEST folder, on the right pane you should only see the “(Default)”. Just right-click on any blank section then select NEW > DWORD, then provide the value name “Plural”.

  1. Double click on the “Plural” word then on the “Edit DWORD Value” change it to 1 then click OK.

You should be all set. You can set the value from 1 to 9. Since the maximum number of time that you can launch Yahoo Messenger is 10. (That will depend on your computer hardware configuration)


A screen shot 2 Yahoo messenger running at the same time. 🙂


Last modified: January 30, 2018

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