Tech News of the Week: 12/21/2008 – 12/27/2008

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Ok, it has been 7 days without computer…:( Anyway… I will post a much updated Tech News of the week. Since the one that I prepared was a week late. I will also try to post trailer of the “20 Most anticipated movies for 2009

From PC World News
Sony Cuts PlayStation 3 Component Costs by 35 Percent
by Sumner Lemon, IDG News Service

Sony Computer Entertainment has cut the cost of materials used to make its PlayStation 3 game console by 35 percent, according to market research firm iSuppli.

The components used to produce the second-generation of the PS3 console cost US$448.73, based on October component prices, iSuppli said, citing a recent teardown of the system it conducted to see what components are used inside. The market research firm then assembled a bill of materials based on that list of components and estimated prices to arrive at a system cost. Continue…

Acer Launches Laptop With Intel’s Quad-core Chip
by Agam Shah, IDG News Service

Acer on Monday launched a powerful quad-core laptop at a price that may appeal to buyers on a budget. The company’s Aspire 8930G-7665 laptop is designed as a gaming laptop or desktop replacement. The laptop is powered by Intel’s Core 2 Quad mobile processor with four cores that runs at up to 2.53GHz and includes 12MB of cache, according to Acer. Continue…

Apple’s Holiday Headache
by Robert X. Cringely, InfoWorld

It seems Apple fanboys and fangirls who found an iPod Touch under the tree this year also got a big hunk of coal from Jolly Old St. Steve.

When users connected their just-out-of-the-ribbon-and-wrapping iPods to the iTunes service, they were prompted to update the device’s firmware to Version 2.2. That’s when Scrooge stepped in with a big fat error message:”There was a problem downloading the iPod software for the iPod ‘My Ipod.’You do not have permission to access the requested resource.” Continue…

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From Cnet News
AMD cites $70 million in fourth-quarter costs
by Brooke Crothers

Advanced Micro Devices said Monday that it will incur $70 million in restructuring costs in the fourth quarter, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The filing also cited fourth-quarter layoffs of 600 employees. An AMD spokesperson said that approximately 500 layoffs were announced in November, but that the company “ended up closer to 600.” Continue…

The smartphone buzz in ’09? It’s not a product
by Charles Cooper

There’s already a lengthy wish list as users ponder the invention of the “ideal” smartphone in 2009. All well and good. But I submit that next year’s most important technology development won’t have anything to do with a new feature or application.

Instead, it’s going to boil down to whether mobile device makers open smartphones as widely as the personal computer. Manufactures and carriers, scared to death about the possible security implications, may decide that it’s wiser to instead keep their devices closed. How long they can ignore the pressure is unclear. Continue…

2009: Netbook or notebook?
by Brooke Crothers

Here’s the choice: Will consumers buy a thin, light, relatively fast $1,800 MacBook Air or a thin, light, ultrasmall, not-as-fast $450 Hewlett-Packard Mini 1000 Netbook? (Correction: the HP Mini 1000 configuration cited here was originally stated incorrectly as $700.)

If many people, fully aware of this choice, opt for a Netbook then we have the foundation of, at the very least, a rethinking of the pricey ultraportable. Continue…

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From AOL Tech News
Amazon Touts ‘Best Ever’ Holiday Season

SEATTLE (Dec. 26) – Online retailer Inc. called this holiday season its “best ever,” saying Friday that it saw a 17 percent increase in orders on its busiest day – a rare piece of good news in a season that has been far from merry for most retailers, including online businesses. Continue…

Unisys to Cut Jobs, Consolidate Plants
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BLUE BELL, Pa. (Dec. 23) – Unisys Corp. said it will slash 1,300 jobs globally as part of an effort to cut costs by more than $225 million a year.

The technology services provider has struggled as demand for its services has waned due to tightening credit and curbed customer spending. In November Standard and Poor’s said it was taking the company off its S&P; 500 index. Continue…

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