Another Friendster Phishing Comment… wtf!!!

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Last December, I posted the Friendster Comment Virus. Now, I got another comment but this time, it is a phishing web site….wtf!!!! When accessed, it will direct you to a bogus web site that looks exactly like the friendster’s login screen. I did not even tried to access the site even though I know that it will not do anything. (just to be sure, I used another computer.. heheheh!!!) since I uses my computer for a lot of things. Anyway, to continue… if ever you got similar comments, please be aware that when these people got a hold of your friendster’s user name (email address) and password. That means that your Friendster account days is numbered. You will either see that someone has already taken over your account or unexplained activity is being done on your account.

For your reference, I got a screen shot of the said phishing comment:
Click on the image for a full view:
As you can see the Youtube like screen shot, but when you place your mouse on the image, it will show on the status bar the bogus friendster address “” Notice the part that has “login2” and the word “friendster” has the letter “j” in it. I even tried using “” which will direct you to an invalid URL or “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” site.
Anyway… as harmless as it looks.. It is always best that you avoid accessing these kind of sites, because once accessed, these sites may or will infect your computer. Again, remember the 4 thing that I listed on my earlier post. To access my original post, just click the link: Friendster Virus?!

Last modified: January 2, 2009

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