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Yey!! I finally installed Ubuntu 8.10 – the Intrepid Ibex (Applause please!!!), as you can see on the screen shot that I displayed above. I even took a screen shot while posting.

It took me almost 2 days to finish the installation. As you can see on the screen shot, I still have 218 Updates that I need to download. So I’m downloading them while I’m composing this post.

I did encounter some problem, while installing Linux. Being a newbie on Linux, I lost all the screen shot that I took during the installation. (“,)

For those who are interested in switching or wants to try Linux, here are things that I did, during the installation. I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible, since you know that I lost the screen shots..tsk! tsk! tsk!

First, you will need to obtain the installer file that you can download via Assuming you all know how to burn an ISO file to a blank CD, if not then the steps on how to do that is also on that web site.

Since I already have Windows XP installed on my PC, I used the partitioned that has the largest free space. Its a good thing that I divided my hard drive into 3 even before I install Windows XP. 🙂

Moving on, trying to look for a guided steps on how to install Ubuntu Linux, I came across this Walk-through Installation of Ubuntu, I basically followed the steps on that site, except on “Step 5 of 6.” I used Manual Edit Partition, wherein I specify 2 GB for EXT2 file system and 2 GB for SWAP file, which I assume is more than enough, coz I did received any error message., after doing that one. I may be wrong.. since I’m always wrong. 🙂

So I waited for the installation to finished and as of this time, I’m in the process of downloading 10 updates at a time, just imagine the time it will take me if I download all 218 updates at one time. Anyway, this is not to overload my system as well. 🙂

I’m still in the process of know the “what…”, “where…” and “how to…” of Linux Ubuntu. I’ll be doing more research about linux, so that I’ll be more comfortable using this thing. For now, I’ll try to let the program download all the updates first, before doing anything.

So while creating this post, I took another screen shot.

Wish me luck on my Linux adventure! =)

Last modified: January 13, 2009

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