Rant: Give credit where credit is due…

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When working in a call center, be ready to accept the reality that there will come a time that all the hardwork you did for the whole month, quarter or even a year will not be creditted back to you. Even problems that you discover especially solutions that you came up with a particular problem will be taken from you.

That’s what I don’t like about call center. the credit that you deserve will not be given to you. What’s worst is that your as* licking TL will take all the credit, as if he is doing the documentations, pretending to test or formulating the solutions, come evaluation time. He will only say, good work on that problem but he will then reap all the promotions commendations and bonus. (wtf!)

So if you’re in a call center, has this special solutions to a particular problem, it is best that you share this to all the people that you know, or better yet, share this to the whole department. So that everyone will benefit from it.

Last modified: January 12, 2009

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