Switching to Linux

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My PC is a little old, probably 5 years and counting.. hhehe.. I know I need to get a new one! Anyway.. It can still serves me well, specially now that it is connected to a DSL Connection.. 😉 But I’ve been wanting to switch to another OS, like Linux.. Linux Ubuntu to be specific. I’ll be doing more research about Linux in general, so that I won’t be caught dumbfounded. 🙂

Being a Micro$oft baby, will probably make this decision a little hard to make, since I been using Microsoft pratically all my life. Anyway, like what they say, it’s time to move my cheese.

Btw.. I’ll be using Ubuntu 7.04… but will try to download Ubuntu 8.10. In any case, I’ll be using Linux by the 1st week of January.

Happy New Year!!!

Last modified: January 30, 2018

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