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Just switched to Ubuntu Linux, I’m using Ubuntu 7.04. an older version. But I’ll be updating to the latest one, probably next week.

I’m still trying to find myself around, since it has a differnet GUI than WinXp. I’ve included my first screen shot using Linux Ubuntu. Congratulations to me!!! (“,)

For the Tech News of the Week.. I’ve gone local. But I’ll try to mix it up next time. I’ll be posting more on my Linux Adventure.

From Manila Bulettin Online Tech News
ABS-CBN buys minority stake in

Top broadcasting company ABS-CBN has acquired a minority stake in US-based social networking website worth US$ 5 million.

In recent disclosure, ABS-CBN said it has purchased 2,524,488 shares of Series P common stock in Multiply a purchase price of US$ 1.9806 per share.

Under the agreement between the two firms, ABS-CBN may, during the two-year period following the initial purchase of shares, acquire additional shares in Multiply to bring its ownership to as much as 10 percent. Continue…

There’s lots of tech help, yes, on the internet

This week, I bought a shiny new BlackBerry.

This made me very happy. Then I went home and found that my new BlackBerry was inundating my in-box with copies of my sent e-mail messages. This made me very frustrated.

I headed back to the store, where a well-intentioned “specialist” took my phone, tweaked a few settings and said that my e-mail messages would be duplicate-free. They weren’t. Continue…

PLDT SME-Nation supports SME growth in the Philippines

Technology has a way of improving many areas of our lives. In business, for example, it does wonders especially when you’re aiming to grow bigger.

Good thing PLDT SME-Nation came into existence. Finally, many starting and developing businesses will get the support that they need to grow bigger than they have ever imagined. Continue…

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From Inquirer.Net Tech News
Filipinos also fall victim to Zune bug
by Alexander Villafania

PANGASINAN, Philippines — A few Filipino owners have reported being affected by the “Zune Bug,” a problem just recently found in which the internal clock of the Microsoft Zune multimedia player freezes up on exactly January 1, 2009.

The creator of local Zune fan site ZunePH has posted two messages as of January 1 discussing the problem. The creator also warned those who owned the 30 Gigabyte version of Zune, which came out in 2006. This model is said to have a problem counting leap years and so would not boot up. Continue…

Filipino wins int’l Tekken 6 competition
by Wanggo Gallaga

THE big fat man in a red short and blonde hair punched his opponent in the face. With uncanny speed, he jumped into the air and kneed him, again in the face.

His opponent, a man in ceremonial armor, swung his sword and struck the big fat man twice. The Filipinos watching all cheered and screamed, enjoying the slugfest. Continue…

PAL completes e-ticket coverage
From Inquirer.Net Tech News

PHILIPPINE AIRLINES has said it has completed the implementation of electronic ticketing for all the flights in its network, seven months ahead of the International Air Transport Association’s Dec. 31 deadline for all airlines to adopt the system.

The airline association said full e-ticketing coverage worldwide will save the airline industry up to $3 billion per year. Continue…

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From www.ItMatters.Com.Ph News
Proactive steps needed to boost employee commitment
From www.ItMatters.Com.Ph

ACCORDING to IT Talent Development studies conducted by XMG since 2005, organizational initiatives that include employee input from the outset have a greater chance of being successful than those that do not.

However, the majority of organizations surveyed indicate they do not include employee input in developing programs aimed at employees such as compensation, rewards and benefits. Continue…

Meralco engineering unit hikes capital to expand, pay debt

THE CORPORATE regulator has approved an application by the engineering unit of Lopez-led Mani-la Electric Co. (Meralco) to hike its capital so it can expand its business.

Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corp. (Miescor), which provides engineering, construction and maintenance services, will hike its capital to P500 million from P200 million, documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission showed. Miescor’s parent paid for the capital increase. Continue…

SLR from Olympus improves on its predecessor
by NORMAN P. AQUINO, Associate Editor

OLYMPUS continues its successful line of consumer single lens reflex (SLR) cameras with the E-520 and E-420, both lightweight 10-megapixel digital SLRs with a slew of features so that one will probably need some time to use these to the full.
E520 front (top) and E420 back (bottom)

The E-520 is the successor of one of the best-selling Olympus models last year, the E-510. Like its predecessor, the E-520 features Live View and anti-dust technology, pretty much standard now in most DSLRs since Olympus pioneered the idea a few years back with the E-330. Continue…

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