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For those people who didn’t have a chance of using PC DOS, yeah PC DOS not MS DOS.. that old.. old… old… old… I really mean JURASIC Operating system. It like the Abraham Lincoln of all desktop operating system. Though you can still see how it looks like by opening RUN then type COMMAND then go into full screen, but that only contain the most basic features. To know about this Command line, you can checkout this wiki of what a command line is:

Now your a Linux enthusiast, you know that the most powerful feature or tool of linux can be used when you are using the command line settings. Like the good old PC DOS, you need to know the different commands and parameters in order for you to execute it properly.

Now… as you all know, I’m switching from Micro$oft base OS to Linux, I came across this site that is a great reference if you are a newbie in using the command-line on Linux and UNIX.

You can access, from there you can get the different information on the different commands that you can use. Though the site is still in Alpha test, I’m pretty sure that it will be a very useful site for all *nix user out there. 🙂 So, I suggest that you save this on your boomarks or Favorites… if you’re still using IE like me. *tsk!… *tsk!… *tsk!… 🙂

Last modified: February 16, 2009

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