Linux Adventure: More Problem????

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Remember the error that I’ve been getting when I try to install the updates for Linux Ubuntu 8.10?? Yeah.. that pesky, “AN ERROR OCCURRED“, anyway… I found out that problem is caused by a low disk space, which prevents the updates from being installed properly. Now I know the solution, or somewhat know the solution, here comes another problem, not sure if it is a problem, but it sure made a lot of mess in my room. Here’s what happened, while using the computer on Windows mode (yeah.. I kept that horrifying OS.. lols) the mouse suddenly froze and all I can use is the keyboard. So I did all the things a tech could do to his beloved computer, but the problem keep on coming back and this time the mouse freezes as soon as Windows or Linux is loaded.

While checking on the settings could have cause the problem, there was this burning smell that not only irritated my nose but gave me a terrible headache. As if, my 386 processor powered brain was suddenly overclocked to a Core 2 duo. It’s the smell of a burning wire or something similar. Just to know what was burning, as I opened my CPU with surgical precision… (yeah… its that white box where everything is connected), then to my surprise, what I saw was some thing I did not expect, the power connector that connects the mother box to the power supply is burnt and still smoking. (waaaaaaaaa..) As I tried to salvage my CPU, the motherboard and that burning cable, nothing seems to work.

So I just saved what I can, the RAM, CD ROM and DVD/CD burner and the processor. But as I tried to look for a solution, I remember that my motherboard is not being sold anymore. So the solution for this is to buy a new CPU, which is what I was planning 6 months ago. The problem turns out to be the solution to my first problem, which was not supposed to be a problem if only I upgraded my CPU 6 months ago.

Now, I’m shopping for a new CPU… and if my budget permits it, I’ll be getting this specs:
3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
250GB Serial ATA 7200-rpm hard drive
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR3 memory

Looks familiar?… well may be your right but the unit has to run Linux. For now, I’ll be using another computer. The one that I don’t like using. 🙁

Last modified: February 1, 2009

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