Conficker.worm outbreak Part 2

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Last January, I posted the “W32/Conficker.worm outbreak“, which exploits the MS08-67 Vulnerability. A new variants of the worm has reported to have spread to millions of computers and rumored to take controls of infected computers on April 1 (April Fool’s day).

To help detect and stop the worm, Microsoft will be giving $250,000 bounty to whoever can provide any information that will lead to the arrest or that will help stop the Conficker case.

Nieway, to make sure that your computer is secured, it is best to keep your anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware/malware program updated also keep your Windows OS updated, you can check for updates at or at

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W32/Conficker.worm outbreak
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Last modified: March 26, 2009

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