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I have been planning to get my own domain name but I’m a bit apprehensive about this, since I don’t know what would happen or the benefits of getting my own domain name, imagine my own domain name “” that will surely be awesome!!!

But before spending $5 to $10 for the registration fees, I consulted some online and offline friends about this matter… hehehe.. 😉

They basically told me the same thing…

First, this will definitely add more juice to my business card, specially if I have some free lance gig like web publishing, graphic design etc.

Second, having your own domain will also allow you to increase traffic specially if your domain name is easy to remember. Try remembering the domain name “” which is the world’s longest domain name.. and yes that domain name is actually live.

Third, would be it will be your online identity since you have your own place on the web, not like the domain being offered by web sites like AOL Hometown, blogger sites and those free hosting that only allows you to use a second level domain name, a classic example of this is a blogspot domain name ““.

And last but not the least, this will prevent online squater from using or obtaining your own name/ identity. Imagine… people accessing then they’re redirected to a porn site or a competing company if you are a company. That will surely be a problem.

Anyway.. those are the most basic benefits of having your own domain name. I still need to think this over, before registering my own domain name.

But if you like a more detailed explanation about this, you may want to read this online article “Why You Need A Domain Name.”

Last modified: March 16, 2009

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Domain names

  1. madz says:

    Thanks! One of the main reasons why I would want to have a domain is to increase traffic and page rank 🙂

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