Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

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With a cool code name, Firefox just released a Firefox 3.1 Beta 3. Yeah… Mozilla promises a better browser that is predecessor. The code name btw is Shiretoko.. cool huh?!

Anyway… the most notable update that you will see on Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 is the “Tracemonkey JavaScript engine” before this post turns into a copy-psate article, you can read more about the new Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 from the following news sites:
Yahoo! News: Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 Offers Better Performance Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 Release Notes
PC World News: Browser Showdown: IE 8 vs. Firefox

If you want to download and try the Firefox 3.1 Beta 3, you can download it here.

Last modified: March 20, 2009

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