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I’ve installed IE 8.0 on both my home PC and work PC, so far I have no complains with IE 8 feature and performance wise. Since I jumped from IE 6 to 8.0, this is my first time using the tab browsing feature offered by IE 8.0, so far I do not see anything special about it, except for the grouping of the tabs. If web pages came were accessed from a link on one page or under the same domain, they will have the same tab color until of course you “UNGROUP” the tabs.

You will also see a new or borrowed feature when you right-click on the tabs and you will see a familiar menu, that is if you’ve been using Mozilla FireFox. You can press the CTRL+SHIFT+ “T” to open the recently closed tab, right-click on a particular tabs, you will also similar options when you when you do the same steps on the Tabs of Firefox.

I took a screen shot of grouped tabs and the right-click menu, as you can see below:

Much has been written and said about IE 8.0, even before it has been “Release Candidate 1 (RC1)” so there is no need to do that here. The only issue that I have with way IE 8.0 was designed, is the way the Address bar, Menu bar, Links and Tabs are placed on the browser or may be it’s just a matter of getting use to… my bad! πŸ™‚

As with the performance, when loading the home page, even if it is or Google, I got the equivalent of “PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED” or with the new IE 8.0 they change it to “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” see screenshot below. But when you reload or refresh the browser, the site will eventually load… I guess, it needs more fine tuning. πŸ˜€

In line with the “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” I also get the message “Operation Aborted” when accessing certain news site, in my case its the news site, “” in particular.

Then while at work, I’ve experiences some reporting error, it could be with our tools but hey.. the some thing happen even if I have the COMPATIBILITY options enabled. Keep getting the same specific message, just check the screen shot below, it a bit long… πŸ™‚

So I reported this to our IT/Network Admin, so that they can take a look at the issue and test our tools before the upgrade all the PC in our office to IE 8.0. Hopefully they won’t give me anu memo for installing IE 8.0 on my work PC without their knowledge… hehehehehe...

To rate my overall review, where 5 being the highest, here’s my verdict:
Performance: 2 due to the error messages that i keep getting
Design: 3I just need to familiarize myself with the new design.
Usage: 4
Speed: 5
Overall: 4

Note: My ratings above are based on real world situation, using the same settings that I’ve been using on the old versions of IE and even on the other browsers (Firefox and Safari), tested on working computer on a T1 connection and DSL connection.

Last modified: March 25, 2009

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