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Call it major upgrade to the OS of the fanciest phone and music player on the planet. Apple recently announced that it added the copy-cut-and-paste feature to the Iphone OS 3.0 and an addition of 100 new features to update those already being offered by other smart phones.

I really don’t know about Iphone nor own an Ipod Touch, but it reading through the major Tech News site this feature has been long demanded by users.

Newei… I have list down the most notable “major update” for the new Iphone/Ipod Touch OS 3.0 below:

1.Copy-Cut-and-Paste feature
2. Picture messaging (MMS)
3. In-phone search
4. Enterprise email
5. Voice memo
6. Stereo Bluetooth
7. PS/mapping tweaks
8. In-app purchases
9. Landscape mode tweaks
10. P2P networking
11. Push notifications

The update will be available this summer for Iphone users but for ipod user’s they need to pay a fee in order to get that COPY-CUT-and-PASTE features on their music player… hehehee…

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Hopefully someday I’ll have my own Iphone… that would be sweet!! đŸ™‚

Image from http://www.apple.com/iphone

Last modified: March 19, 2009

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