Is Shareware a Freeware?

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You all know that I’m a call boy.. err… call center agent.. Anyway, I got a case wherein a customer calls in asking for a free version of our software. So I immediately gave the standard answer to the customer.

Evil M: If you like try our program, you can download the trial version at
Customer: No, I want the freeware of your programs.

So I further explained…

Evil M: Unfortunately that we do not have freeware version of our programs.
Customer: It says here on this web site ( that you can get a free copy from you guys, just use the serial number that I will need to buy from them.

I explained again…

Evil M: Ms. Cusomer, has been determined and reported to be selling illegal copy of our products.
Customer: I know that, that is why I’m asking you for a freeware instead.
Evil M: We do not have a freeware version of our program but we have a shareware version.
Customer: Shareware… freeware.. what’s the difference. the customer asked…

Discussion continued for atleast half an hour… there goes my TL/AHT… Anyway, to cut the story short, the customer left pissed off because she cannot get a free copy of our software.

Anyway, as you all know Freeware and shareware a two different types of program distribution.

In short, Freeware is software offered free of charge, downloadable off of the Internet.

Example of freewares are:
Opensource programs like Linux, OpenOffice
Spybot Search & Destroy
Ad-aware spyware remove
Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For additional information about freeware, please visit the links below:

While shareware is best described as “try before you buy” software or those software with trial version. Software that is copyrighted, but may be downloaded and used for a limited time for free or has a limited version, after which the user is asked to voluntarily send the author a payment. Some shareware products offer additional features, documentation, technical support, and/or updates to registered users.

Example of shareware are:
Corel applications
Most anti-virus applications
Microsoft programs,
Adobe products such as PhotoShop, Flash, Dreaweaver etc.

For additional information about Shareware, please visit the links below:

NOTE: Cracked version of any software or games are not considered as freeware nor they are legal. Most cracked software/game are under the Shareware group.

Last modified: March 11, 2009

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Is Shareware a Freeware?

  1. Have I not had the chance to read this blog post, I still wouldn't know the difference between a freeware and a shareware. Thanks for sharing what you know.

  2. Teknisyan says:

    Hey… thanks.. just sharing. 🙂

    Plus I don't want all that stock knowledge to just be a that a "stocked knowledge". 🙂

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