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Are you the trigger-happy when sending email and sending email without even proof reading what you have written or worst placed the incorrect email address to a hate mail, then worry no more, since Google labs included a new feature to Google mail, it is called Unsend/Undo Send Gmail. This will let you unsend or cancel an email that you just sent.

To enable this feature, click on the Gmail SETTINGS link, then click on the LABS or just click on the GREEN Beaker on the upper right corner of your GMAIL screen, then enable the Undo Send by Yuzo F.

When you send an email, you will see the to CANCEL or UNDO the Sent mail. However, the UNDO link will only appear for 5 seconds, so you only have 5 seconds to decide if you want to unsend your email or not.

The best thing about this is that the UNDO or UNSENT feature works on all email service. Unlike the AOL Mail which you can only unsend if it was sent to another AOL members and provided the email has not been read. The difference between the two is, AOL mail allows you to unsend emails as long as the AOL email has not been read and they are sent another AOL member or email address, comparing to the miniscule 5 seconds of Gmail. But with Gmail, you can unsend email if the recipient is a non-Gmail email address.

Since this is still in the Gmail labs there is still alot of room for improvement.

Images/screenshots are taken from my Gmail account.

Last modified: March 21, 2009

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Tech Tips: Unsending Gmail

  1. Anonymous says:

    In other words, the AOL version serves a purpose since most reactionary drama in that context will indeed take place between two AOL addresses.

    And the Gmail version is useless as all hell, as five seconds isn't even long enough to process the fact that you indeed had an itchy trigger finger. It is even less impressive because all it does is add a five second delay to it's ultra-speedy mail servers.

  2. Teknisyan says:

    hahaha… nice one.. but yeah.. you're right… 5 seconds is still not enough. But I guess.. people at Gmail are thinking… 5 seconds is better than nothing… then just create a press released that this is a revolutionary feature of gmail. 🙂

    The truth is, AOL Mail and the AOL service as a whole is way ahead of it's time. a very great mail and spam controls and unlimited space to space your email online. Plus you can even check the status of your AOL mail if it was already read or not.

    But execs at AOL don't know what they have.. until they lost it. Now AOL is just a thing of the past.. trying to gain it's lost glory.

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