Blog update: New Alias ^_*

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From “Evil M” to “Teknisyan“, since a lot of people are asking the meaning of “Evil M” anyway… I got this name on one of my call, the customer said “You’re EVIL?!” which is has a similar sound to my name. So I used that since… anyway.. hope this will stop all those people asking about my “Evil M”. 🙂

Last modified: May 21, 2009

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Blog update: New Alias ^_*

  1. madz says:

    I don’t question your alias though 😛

  2. Abiel says:

    Hehe… Evil M is much cooler name.. 😉

    Abiel Online
    Love Thoughts Love Lines… Thanks for the visit, Teknisyan!!! 😉

  3. madz says:

    Yeah, Evil M is pretty cooler than your new alias 😛

  4. Chyng says:

    pansin ko lagi kayong magkasunod magcomment ni Abiel.. hhmm, officemates kayo at pareho shifts?

  5. madz says:

    hehehe.. nice observation.. hindi naman kayo iisang tao?

  6. Teknisyan says:

    acqaintance lang… coincidence lang siguro, na maging mag kasunoo ng comment…:)

    though mdalas nauuna si abiel na mag comment sa’kin… then sabihin nya na nag comment sya on this particular post…

  7. Abiel says:

    yeah… just a coincidence!!!

    But we do share some codes in our blogs… but not entirely… 😉

    he did suggest to just add the online part of my blog…;)

    Abiel Online
    Love Thoughts Love Lines…

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