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Some notable news of the week that was; splits-ville, reinvention, new version and next generation…^_*


Everyone knows it was coming but the only question is when? Now that question was answered. The merger between AOL and Time Warner will be official. There were a lot of plans when both companies merge last 2000 but they missed the opportunities and now it’s too late.

You read articles about the AOL-Time Warner split up on these articles below:
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Time Warner to Spin Off AOL Unit
AOL and Time Warner: A Sympathy Note


Google the company, released last Thursday a new application or site that called google wave. What it is and how it works? beats me but people at google are betting it to be a new plaform and will reinvents instant messaging/email.

To know more about Google wave, visit these sites below:
Google Reinvents Email, Docs with ‘Google Wave’
Google Wave: What It Is And How It Works
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New version

Mozilla in the final stage of testing the new and latest version of their browser Mozilla FireFox 3.5. Not really excited about this new version, since I tested the beta of firefox 3.5 and was a little disappointed, but since it was still in beta my hopes are high and will still be hoping that the slowness and sluggish-ness of the browser will be fix. 3.5 RC1 is now available for download at

Some of improvement and changes on the RC1 compared to the other betas are as quoted from cnet news:

Faster TraceMonkey engine for running Web sites’ JavaScript programs; support for tags to describe audio and video content the way images have been available for years the private browsing mode for leaving no traces on your computer while surfing; support for geolocation technology to let permitted applications know the user’s location; built-in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) technology for exchanging data between servers and browsers; and support for the Web Workers standard for letting a browser perform processing in the background without holding back a Web application’s user interface.

To read more about the said article:
Mozilla testing near-final Firefox 3.5
Firefox 3.5 RC 1 Test Day!!!


A new version or makeover version of PSP Go! has been leaked to the net. A lot of rumors circulating around the net about PSP and the next version of PS3; the PS3 Slim. I’m not much of a gamer but I like using PSP and DS, which both have their pros and cons. Some of the notable change on the new PSP Go! against DSi are as follows:

As quoted from Yahoo! TechNews:

  • A smaller 3.8″ screen (the PSP-3000’s is 4.3″). The DSi’s is 3.25″. > why!!!?
  • 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000, making it roughly 108 grams. Nintendo’s DSi weighs a comparatively chubby 214g. > smaller means lighter!!!
  • 16GB of internal memory, expandable memory slot. > small yet large in the inside!!!!
  • Bluetooth-capable.> it’s about time!! 🙂
  • New games on deck, including Metal Gear Solid, Jak & Daxter, Gran Turismo, and LittleBigPlanet. > now that’s what I’m talking about!!!
  • No second analogue nub > does anyone use that?
  • Available this fall. > can’t wait!!!

To read more about this new PSP Go!, just click the article below:
Official Sony PSP Go! Shots Leaked
Sony PSP Go! screenshots
E3 2009: PSP Go! Confirmed? PS3 Slim Really Coming?
PSP Go: Another Look

And what these article really is that.. SOMEONE AT Sony PSP Division will really get fired!!!

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