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If you are one of those people who wants to know if someone in your Yahoo Buddy list is hiding or not, then continue reading and add the site to Favorites. IMvisible, is a web site that you can use to detect the real status of a person on your Yahoo Messenger. We all know that once a YM ID’s status is set to INVISIBLE, if that YM ID is on your Yahoo Messenger Buddy list, it will appear as Offline and we will never know if they are indeed offline or they’re just in an “INVISIBLE…” status.

To detect their real status, just visit ““, then type in the YM ID on the text box then click the Lens icon to display the correct status.

As a test, I use the YM ID of “@bi3L” of Abiel Online… he volunteered, only if I place a link of this blog on this post. You can see from the screenshot below, the current status and other information about the YM ID. Btw.. that is not his actual YM ID! 😉

Other features of the site, all you bloggers will surely like, is the Status Indicator Generator, you can use this to generate a simple HTML code to Detect your own or any Yahoo Messenger ID Status, if it’s Online or Offline. You can use the Status Indicator Generator to use the code as a widget on your blog or your wed page.

Just click on the Status Indicator, then follow the steps that you will on the page. For a more advance option, you can click on the MORE CUSTOMIZED button then place a check mark on the option that you prefer then click on the GENERATE button.

To test this, I place a test code on the upper left corner of this post and right below TOPBLOGS icon… I’ll be removing the status indicator under TOPBLOGS icon after 2 days.

Another nifty feature of the site is that you can save a backup of your current Yahoo Messenger (ID) buddy list and address book. To avoid you losing your Yahoo Messenger (ID) buddy list and address book permanently.

This is an excellent online tool that you can use to check the real time status a YM ID. You can generate simple code to place a status indicator on your blog or web page and backup those very important YM Buddy list and address book. You can also use this site to spy on your friends who are hiding from you… hehehe.. 😉

Btw, I’d like to thank Ven for sharing the site!!!

Last modified: June 26, 2009

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Cloud: IMvisible

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