In Review: VIPRE Antivirus

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Have your anti-virus ever failed you? By the time a virus was detected it’s already too late for you, then your computer will be at risk of being infected by a malware or a spyware. If that sounds familiar, then it’s time to look for an alternative security solution.

If your trusted anti-virus is always failing from detecting that threat, then you may want to try a new Antivirus Software called VIPRE Antivirus Software. Not only that it will detect and remove virus threat to your computer, it also prevents any spyware or malware threats. The best thing about VIPRE Antivirus Software, its uses minimal system resources, so it does not slowdown your computer, that means you also use it on those netbook which uses less powerful process, with an anti-virus and anti-spyware scanning engine in one, you are surely protected whenever you surf the net, download files and full protection from email-borne threats

The VIPRE Antivirus Software has been rated 5 stars from people who downloaded it from You can download the full working version and use it for 15 days at

Last modified: July 15, 2009

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In Review: VIPRE Antivirus

  1. madz says:

    Oo nga teknisyan, nakakainis ang virus, nung minsan na-virus 'tong PC ko, maghapon akong walang nagawa, huhuhu

  2. paulo says:

    I am not very particular about anti-viruses. I'm not that techie or an all-know in that aspect. Whenever I got problems on my PC, my first resort was my girl who is a computer engineer 😀

    Anyway, added you on my blog roll 😀 Please do the same.

  3. Abiel says:

    Yeah… its really frustrating when you have computer virus that you cannot remove.

    At least now we have alternative solution… if all else fails..

  4. Ninin says:

    Thanks for the information about this anti-virus. Great timing that I'm looking for a better anti-virus for my PC.

    Great post!


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