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With the pending release of Office 2010, support for Office 2000 has been discontinued by the Redmond Giant.

Cnet News:

Support for Microsoft Office 2000 finally ended on Tuesday, 10 years after the productivity suite was launched.

Office 2000 had mainstream support until mid-2004, when its extended support period began. It is that extended support period that has now ended, according to Microsoft’s road map for the product.

At its launch in 1999, Microsoft’s then-president Steve Ballmer said Office 2000, which retailed at a recommended price of $799, “unleashes the power of the Web work style, the most efficient way to work with business information and collaborate with others.”

Then MS answers Google with a free vesion of it’s cash cow MS Office.

The free version of Office will have fewer features than the beefier versions that Microsoft will continue to sell, BusinessWeek reported last week — but it will compete with Google’s Office-like applications.
“More than 400 million consumers will have access to Office Web applications at no cost,” Microsoft said yesterday in a press release. The Redmond, Washington–based company promised “innovative capabilities and provide new levels of flexibility.” Sounds like it’s upping its game. “New levels of flexibility” is an innovation Microsoft probably wouldn’t have come up without feeling some pressure.

With the recent news from Google, that they will be releasing their own OS the Google Chrome Operating System, this will become the battle of the Tech Titans!!! 🙂

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Last modified: July 15, 2009

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