Tech News: Mozilla Firefox 3.5 now live.

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You can now start upgrading your Firefox to 3.5, the latest version of the Mozilla browser. You can visit:, to obtain latest version. I’ve downloaded and install the program on my home computer, as I’m reluctant to install the program at my work computer, since I’ve experienced some problem using the beta version of the browser, particularly with the 3.5 RC1. Read “

So far there were no traces of the issues that I had with the beta 3.5 RC1. The promises that Mozilla made for the 3.5 are met. Like faster TraceMonkey engine for JavaScript Programs, Support for Audio and Video Tags. They (Mozilla) made improvements on the OPTIONS UI and handling of the HISTORY information such as Closed tabs and windows.
My only issue know is to update all the extensions and add ons that have. As with all upgrade, you also need to upgrade the small programs that you are using and browser plugin and extension for Firefox 3.5 is not exemption.

And now that I’ve seen and used the final and released version, I will try install that on my work PC. ? Hopefully, it will more reliable than its predecessor and more stable than IE 8.0.

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Last modified: July 2, 2009

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