Tech News: MS Security Advisory 972890, New Browsers and MJ Memorial Live Streaming

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Security Advisory 972890 released by Microsoft

A security hole in the Microsoft Video ActiveX Control, that can allow remote execution of malicious code. Microsoft is aware for the issue and is currently investigating the vulnerability in Microsoft Video ActiveX Control.

Microsoft has issued a workaround, which you can either be manually by disabling the MS Video ActiveX Control from automatically running on computers using Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, or automatically implement by following steps at Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 972890.

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New browser from Microsoft “Gazelle” and Lunascape from Japan.

Microsoft is currently in the process of developing a new browser called “Gazelle”, not much detail about the new browser, since MS spefically mention that “Gazelle” is not an MSIE replacement.

For more information about “Gazelle browser” visit: Microsoft’s Gazelle browser takes a radical path

New browser Lunascape from Japan.

A new version of Lunascap5.1 browser was released. with all the hopla surrounding the Firefox 3.5, Lunascape was silently released last July 3. 2009. The browser uses 3 browser engines from all three major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari/Chrome. You can setup the default browser engine or set the browser to autopilot to automatically use the appropriate engine.

Nothing much is known about Lunascape 5.1, except that is boast of a faster JavaScripting engine, which even surpass the one that is being used in the improved Firefox browser.

To read more about Lunascape:
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World Is Watching Jackson Memorial

This may sound out of topic but with the recent event on MJ life, today is MJ’s memorial at the Staple center. All media establishment will cover the event and even on the net. If you prefer the computer more than the traditional TV, you can follow the whole event at

or watch the live streaming on my post above or click this link “Live Streaming of Michael Jackson Memorial

Watch Live Video (via KTLA)

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Last modified: July 7, 2009

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Tech News: MS Security Advisory 972890, New Browsers and MJ Memorial Live Streaming

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