My AOL, My Yahoo or iGoogle?

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I’ve just noticed that how similar these 3 services from AOL, Yahoo and Google are. I know… all 3 service have been available for the longest time now but I just want share to you my experience when I use My AOL, My Yahoo or iGoogle. Then it’s up to you which one you would want to keep!;)

On all service, you can add gadgets like news, games and their own serivices like Yahoo Messenger, AOL Buddy list and Google chat, while they also allow you to load your email from the respective services.

While there are similarities and I do mean a lot of similarities, there are also distinct differences with each service.

All services is a central console or area where all their other services can be accessed and configured, like email, videos, calendar, weather, radio and they all have their news taken on the same sources like AP, Reuters, Cnet, TechCrunch and more.

Their major differences shows when you are using all 3 services. On My AOL, it only caters to US and neighboring areas like Canada and Latin America, you will not be able to view some AOL videos and AOL radio if you’re outside the United States. It also gives you direct access to the AOL Favorite Places that you over the years saved on the AOL server using the AOL software.

On My Yahoo! and iGoogle, you can localize your information such as News, Weather, Maps, Videos and more. iGoogle on the other hand does not have the rich GUI that My AOL and My Yahoo! has but it does offer unique services like Google docs, Google Maps, Books and Readers.

Of course Microsoft also have their so called “My” service and since I do not have any MS Live account, I can only get the generic page of the Windows Live Personalized Experience.

Below are some screenshot of each services.


My Yahoo!


So which one do you prefer? 😉

Last modified: August 25, 2009

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