BPI ATM Security Features?

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In the Philippines, there has been an email going around the net and that it came from a Systems Programmer at ISG/DPO/Mainframe Technical Support. I did verify this email by calling the BPI Customer Service (89-100) and they said that when you type your PIN in reverse this will serve as incorrect PIN and your card will be captured. Though having you PIN captured is like keeping your account secured but it is still best not to be in that situation. aiyt!!!

The phone agent does sound apprehensive when I asked about the email, then again… it does make sense that when you type your PIN in reverse it will detected as incorrect PIN.

I took a screen shot of the email and you can see the full image by clicking on the image below. I blurred some part of the email for privacy reasons.


If you ever that you received this email… and you don’t believe me, then you can call the BPI Customer Service at 89-100 to verify the information. If ever you got a different reply, you can post it here and I’ll be more than happy to update this post.

Last modified: September 1, 2009

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