New Ipod Touch secrets!!!?

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More Apple news, the new ipod touch 802.11n Wi-Fi and Camera Slot. Apple placed a Wi-Fi chip of the newly approved high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi but this feature is still not switched on nor it has a settings on the new Ipod touch to turn it on.

via the PC world news:

The new Apple iPod Touch uses a Wi-Fi chip that can support the just-approved high-throughput 802.11n standard, though Apple apparently has not switched on the cranked-up wireless link.

If it does, the iPod Touch (which is almost identical to the iPhone but lacks the 3G cellular radio) could support a 50Mbps data rate, more than twice that of the current 802.11ag radios used by the product family.

Apple this week lowered the price for the original 8GB iPod Touch and introduced two new higher-priced models, with 32 and 64Gbytes of memory respectively…..

Last modified: September 13, 2009

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