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For it’s 10th year anniversary has added a new post editor plus a read more option that allows you to place that “Read more..” link on your post.

The old editor that use to look like this:

Will now look like this:

Once you have enabled the new editor by clicking on Settings > Basic > then selection the “Updated editor” radio button. This option is under the Global Settings that will take effect on all your blogs.

Also, if you want to insert the “Read more”, here are a couple of ways to insert the “Read more” jump to your posts. If you use the new post editor (available on Blogger in Draft, or by enabling it via the Settings tab), you’ll notice the “Insert jump break” icon in the editor’s toolbar. Click this icon and the “jump break” will be inserted into your blog post at your cursor’s position.

Or you can go to the EDIT HTML mode then inser the line “< !– more –>

If you want to change the word “< !– more –>” and use your own working, you can change this by going to Layout > Page Element > then Edit the Blog Posts widget.

Unfortunately, for some reasons this feature is not working on my blog. The “Continue reading…” does not appear on my post but the post is being truncated. I tried to place the jump break on the last 5 post that I have including this post. As you can see, it even messed up my layout.. grrr… 🙁

Just look at the screen shot that I took on my messed up layout. Hopefully it will not be as bad on your blog.

Last modified: September 14, 2009

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