Palm Pre: Alternative to iPhone 3GS?

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If you visit the Palm web site:, you will see that their feature product is the new Palm Pre, which was introduced in the market last June 6, 2009. This unit from Palm is the first to be using a new Linux based OS, WebOS. The Pre sports a sliding keyboard and a multi touch-screen, with an 8 GB internal memory, expandle to 32 GB MicroSD card, with email, browsing, wifi, multi-media player and text messaging.

Yeah.. if your not eyes are not deceiving you, those are the main features of Palm Pre, sounds familiar right? Those feature are already in the old and new iPhone family, including the new iPhone 3GS. Some say, this is the product that will give Apple a run for their money. But some bet to differ. You may already similar post but this is my own comparison of the two product.

I have created an product comparison table on both Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS. You can click on the table for full view or you can click here.

As you can see, both program are both identical, except on the loss-less audio and iPhone 3GS sports a much larger screen than the the Palm Pre. But Palm is targeting the business sector for this product, while iPhone is for mass consumption. 🙂
If you asked me where my vote is.. being a locked phone makes iPhone user an exclusive AT&T; for US users and Globe here in the Philippines. So I’ll go for Palm Pre, since you can use this for different provider and you can purchase an unlock unit through their authorized dealer.

Last modified: September 24, 2009

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