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Here are some news that are worth reading… I was like on a marathon since I got online yesterday.

But first here’s one from AbielOnline:  Typhoon Ondoy a.k.a Ketsana: Videos not seen on the News!

Via DailyFinance:
Gmail downtime angers some users, and not just few users.. millions of users.

On the heels of a recent massive outage that took down Gmail access globally for several hours, Google (GOOG) suffered another black eye, when the contacts-management portion of its Internet email program went down for several hours on Thursday. Millions of users (including me) were greeted with the message “contacts temporary unavailable” when they accessed their accounts. It remains unclear how widespread the outage is; Google has not issued any word on the nature or status of its problems, beyond an icon notification of problems in the Google Apps Status Dashboard. ….

Adobe eat tok over Omniture for $1.8 billion.

Today’s blockbuster acquisition by Adobe (ADBE) of Web analytics and optimization provider Omniture for $1.8 billion in cold hard cash may not fully answer the question, but it is a very positive sign — not just for tech, but for the broader mergers and acquisitions market, as well as the economy as a whole. ….

Microblogging site Twitter, trying to raise some funds for expansion?

Twitter, the wildly popular social messaging phenomenon, is poised to seal a $100 million venture capital round from as many as seven investors. That would value the company at a cool $1 billion, a number first floated last week. Not bad for an outfit that has yet to earn a cent and or even announce how it plans to make money. ….

And here’s a followup news about twitter being a 1 billion company.
Reality check: Twitter is not worth $1 billion

Via Cnet News:
As posted on my “Tech News: AOL Splits with TW and New Google Wave” here last 5/30/09, about the new PSP Go. Now its a go for Sony.

On the surface, Sony’s PSP Go doesn’t really look like anything radically new for the PSP franchise. Yes, it’s more compact than the three earlier generations of the portable gaming and multimedia handheld device. And yes, it features such additions as 16GB of internal storage, Bluetooth, slide-out controls, and a smaller, more pocketable overall design. But the real change here is the fact that the Go is the first dedicated handheld gaming system to go completely digital and move away from cartridges or optical discs. ….

Via NY Times:
A photocopying machine Xerox, moving into the outsourcing business by acquiring ACS.

Xerox, the global copier and imaging giant, will pay $6.4 billion to acquire the outsourcing company Affiliated Computer Services, expanding its foothold in a growing industry, the companies said Monday. ….

Via PC Mag:
New threat called Mariposa..”cool name” it can be in your computers at home or at the office.

Last week Canadian security vendor Defence Intelligence reported that half the Fortune 100 companies have been compromised by a botnet they dubbed Mariposa. Discovered in May, Mariposa appears to have been built using the readily available butterfly bot kit. While the afflicted among the Fortune 100 haven’t stepped forward to corroborate this claim, the threat is definitely real. ….

Via PC World:
Another exclusive from Apple. 😉

iphone apple at&tFrance; Telecom’s mobile carrier, Orange announced on Monday that it is bringing Apple’s iPhone to the U.K. by the end of the year. Orange will be the second mobile company in Britain to offer the iPhone, and takes one more country off the list of single iPhone provider nations. ….

Via Gizmodo:
Micro$oft trying its luck on the cellphone… again?!

Pictures and complete article at “The Pink Phone Pictures Microsoft Doesn’t Want You To See Yet

via 247 Wall st.:
Some interesting doodle on Google’s logo on it’s 11 year anniversary.

There are reports from around the world that Google (GOOG) has changed its logo to “Googlle” for the day to celebrate its 11th birthday. ….

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