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If you may have noticed, a new link is included on the search result of Google, when you search a term that is not in English or if the results will direct to none english web sites. I recently, I perform a search for the kanji “>テクニシャン“, then I notice a feature or link added in the search result. It says “[ Translate this page ]” since the search result gave a lot of web site in kanji or as my callers say it gibberish text. When you click on the “[ Translate this page ]” link the web site will then be translated by the Google Translate site.


To make sure that, this also applies to other language, I tried to search the phrase “huling el bimbo” which is the title of my favorite song and viola. Sites that has Filipino in it have the “[ Translate this page ]” link.

Btw.. the kanji “>テクニシャン” means “Technician” in English. 😉

Last modified: September 11, 2009

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