Updates for Corel Digital Studio 2010

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Updates gallore!!

The Corel Digital Studio 2010 was relesed early this month. Now after 15 or so days, Corel has released an update for the program via the automatic update feature of the program.

There are no details on what the update is for or what it will do to the program, since there are no details stated on the Patches and Updates page of Corel.com.

To check the automatic update settings of your Corel Digital Studio, you can open any component of the Corel Digital Studio 2010 then click on the HELP and INFORMATION ICON.

On the Corel Guide Screen click on the Product Information and Preferences icon then Message Preferences.

Make sure that you have a checkmark on the “Automatically download free updates and notify me before installing.

Also.. a micro/mini site fo Corel Digital Studio 2010 has been rolled out. It contain promotional materials, system information, free trial and section where you can purchase the program online.

You can visit: http://www.coreldigitalstudio.com/us/ for the microsite. 🙂

Last modified: September 18, 2009

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