Windows 7: What’s with the name? :)

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By now you may have heard, read or seen promotions and ads about the new and latest version of Windows Operating System the new Windows 7. Yeah, the new OS will be available for public consumption this coming October 22, 2009. Microsoft promises a lot of new and enhanced feature on the new OS particularly on the Security side and compatibility issue that bugged the now notorius Windows Vista. 🙂

Anyhoo… did you know that if you really count the number of Windows version that came out of the MS production line, you won’t get the number 7 but instead the number 9. The name of the software should be Windows 9.

Here’s why… we’ll count only the Microsoft Windows for Desktop and not including the NT family.

1985: Windows 1.0

1987: Windows 2.0

1990 – 1993: Windows 3.X

1995: Windows 95

1998 – 1999: Windows 98 and Windows 98 Se

2000: Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me)

2001: Windows XP

2007: Windows Vista

October 2009

So that means Windows 7, should really be Windows 9, but if we really really count the 3.x variants (3.0, 3.11, 3.5) and the Windows 98 and Windows 98 Se as separate OSes, then the actual number of Windows 7, should be Windows 12!!!

Why did they named it Windows 7? Go ask Microsoft!!! 😉

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Last modified: September 23, 2009

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