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Want to know how a popular web page or site looks like.. say 5 years ago or even older than that? Here’s a Internet Time machine called “The Wayback Machine” that you can use to go back in time to know how your favorite site look like when they first rolled out their web site and how they look on a particular date.

Just type the URL on the text box and click on the TAKE ME BACK, it will then list the archived home page of that site that you just typed in. I tested out the address:, and it listed a number of page for each years since 1999.

2 page for 1999
11 pages for 2000
317 pages for 2001
115 pages for 2002
32 pages for 2003
163 pages for 2004
160 pages for 2005
261 pages for 2006
244 pages for 2007
92 pages 2008
not for 2009

Since we already in the last quarter of 2009, there should atleast 2 page for this year, if that is the case, there are atleast 1397 of home page since was launched. Cool huh!

To checkout how looks like, just click on the date. For example, here’s how look like last Oct 12, 1999.

And here’s how looks like last Mar 22, 2003, a month after Google acquired Pyra Labs the company the coined the word “BLOGGER” and created the, you can still see remnants of the blog post the acquisition.

click for full view of the home page

Here’s another popular web site and here’s how it looks like last Dec 02, 1998,when it was still a very small garage web company and it’s still in beta.. Who would have thought… right?!

So if you want to travel back in time and see how your favorite site looks like, just visit:

Last modified: October 10, 2009

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Cloud: The Wayback Machine an Internet Time Machine

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