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You could say that this post is actually “Nikon vs. Canon vs. Sony/Minolta vs. Olympus vs. Panasonic/Leica vs. Pentax vs. Samsung vs. Sigma vs. Fujifilm digital SLR cameras” or a royal rumble of almost all DSLR availablem in the market today. πŸ™‚

This collage was shared to me by a colleague, since he knows that I’m into photography as well. The collage was created by Billy Wilson.

via Billy Wilson:

From top to bottom is the approximate location of each D-SLR camera in the market. Near the bottom are the higher end cameras and near the top are the entry level cameras. The horizontal lines are where I feel certain market boundaries are, the first line from the top indicates where I think the seperation between the entry-level and mid-range cameras are. The second line from the top is where I feel is the boundary between the mid-range cameras and the high-end cameras. The third line near the bottom separates the high-end cameras and the larger than 35mm D-SLRs.

To read the complete notes, please visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/billy_wilson

As for me.. I’m still keeping my L1 in my wishlist and hoping and wishing.. someone will give it to me as a present this coming holiday season! πŸ˜‰

Last modified: October 27, 2009

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DSLR Market

  1. puzzle says:

    My angel already bought one, Nikon D60 from Hidalgo.

  2. jenskie says:

    hmm… i am hoping i could buy nikon d60 or d5000 this christmas. Pero, sabi magmamahal sa hidalgo pag peak season. πŸ™

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