History 101: The History of the iPod & iPhone

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Hey.. was doing my usual blog walk and saw this entry from The Learning Blog, the title of the post is yep… you guessed it.. “The History of the iPod & iPhone” the link redirects me to the apture blogsite.

The post is about the evolution of ipod and on how it was conceived; from a black and white screen to the what we know now Ipod Touch and part if is about iPhone.

Anyhow… here’s an excerpt from “The History of the iPod & iPhone

So that leaves us to the September 9th event. What will Apple do? The logical thinking is Apple will add camer/video functionality to more of their product line. Beyond that will we see an entirely new iPod?

Though it’s already October, I guess those question still lingers on Apple’s ears as they try to out do themselves everytime they create a product.

To read the whole article, click here >> The History of the iPod + iPhone

NOTE: I strongly recommend that you watch the videos! 😉

image from www.apple.com

Last modified: October 17, 2009

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