Mystery Google: A meaningless search!

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Now… this looks like a prank site that you can set as your homepage and drive people crazy, since you will never get the result of the search that you made. Have you ever want to know what other people is search on Google or want to know the search result that they get. Think no more… If you been around the net, you may have already crossed path with the Mystery Google site or the address It a mocked up site of Google but It has the New or old moon as a wallpaper and a black background.

You will also notice the “GOOGLE is a trademark of Google Inc.” which clearly means that this is not affiliate with Google.

When you do a search on Mystery Google, it will not show you the result of your search term instead it will show you the search result of the person that search before you. What is not clear is if it’s the person the same region as you are or all of Anyhow.. I tried to some search on the work Teknisyan and here’s the result that I got.

I guess, somewhere on the net… someone did a search on SCHOOL and a lucky soul will get the search result on the TEKNISYAN Search that I made.

So if you want to just search meaninglessly… this site is for you. You can always switch back to the real google anytime. 🙂

Last modified: October 16, 2009

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