Revamped Friendster Login Page

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Hey… just noticed today 10/10/2009, Friendster has a new login page, the probably rolled anytime between 10/9/2009 to 10/10/2009, since the old login page was still active when I access my account yesterday (10/9). The new login page appears to be inviting new users to sign up for a Friendster account, with a supersized “JOIN FRIENDSTER” section and email address box, visitors will surely be interested in joining the pioneer in social networking.

For me, I’ll just keep my friendster account and try not to be tempted in creating a FB account. After all, they all offer the same features and service… it’s just that.. some people just can’t stay in one place!!! o_O

If you want to add me up, you can visit:

Last modified: October 9, 2009

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