Tech Tips: When the image are not longer being viewed as thumbnail

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It has been a tiring week, with all the excitement happening… who wouldn’t! 🙂

I’m sure you’ll be tired as well. Anyway… I just had got problem while trying out Windows 7, where the images are no longer viewed as thumbnail, instead you only see them as icons no matter how you set the View option to show your image as thumbnail.

So I looked around and see what I can find and here’s the culprit, the “Always shows icons, never thumbnails” is checked.

To fix this, here’s what you need to do, I’m using Windows 7, but you can also apply these on Windows Vista. 😉

1.Double click “COMPUTER” on your Windows Desktop, equivalent to the MY COMPUTER in XP.

or if you do not have the computer like me, you can click on START then COMPUTER.

Also, you can just open any folder in order to access the folder options or use the word “FOLDER OPTIONS” in the Windows Search bar to open the FOLDER OPTIONS screen.

2. Once you have a FOLDER open, click TOOLS on the menu at top of screen then choose FOLDER OPTIONS.

3. Then click on VIEW tab at top of window..

4. Then under FILES AND FOLDERS make sure option “Always Shows icons, never thumbnails” does not have any check…

or you can also just click on the RESTORE button then APPLY and OK.

Then voila… thumbnail view once again. 😉

Last modified: October 1, 2009

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