Windows 7, Windows Vista, and XP: Word Pad

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Now.. here’s a feature on Windows worth comparing. The Word Pad, that lowly word processor that allows you to open different file format like Word for Windows (*.doc), Windows Write (*.wri), Text file both the regular and MS DOS format (*.txt) and of course Rich Text format (*.rtf ). But just how far did Word pad go from XP to Windows 7, in terms of UI and usability. Do people use this program anyways?:)

Windows XP
The UI that we are all familiar of, looks like an upgraded version of Notepad but a very strip or slim version of MS Word or if you remember it, looks like the it even look like an updated version of Word for Windows 3.1. 🙂

Windows Vista
As you can see nothing has change in terms of UI and additional support for (Office Open XML) documents, but Windows Write (*.wri) was removed.

Windows 7
On Windows 7 the UI had a dramatic change, add two new tab; Home and View tab. On this UI it looks like a slim down version of MS Word 2007 with a ribbon like toolbar and that familiar “NEW”, “OPEN”and “SAVE” menu from MS Office 2007. Added file support for Native Office Open XML and OpenDocument Format (ODF).

Last modified: October 18, 2009

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Windows 7, Windows Vista, and XP: Word Pad

  1. puzzle says:

    Looks great now. Feels like using Windows Word. Probably this one goes to those who wouldn't want to purchase a licenses Windows Office Software. As for me, I rarely, or don't at all, use it.

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