Photoshop Scandal: Demi Moore on W Magazine

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Just read this from AOL’s PopEater and I just can help but post this here. Since I already posted a similar scandal, remember the “Kim Kardashian Sexy Picture“?

Here’s another incident of too much digital editting. It appears that someone at W Magazine has too much time on their hand for playing too much on the computer, using nothing but the photo of Demi Moore.

Part of her left hip appears to have been cut off and there is a small gap between the clothes and the hip. You can even see her thigh being slightly larger than her hip!! 🙁

image credits: and W Mag

Last modified: November 19, 2009

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Photoshop Scandal: Demi Moore on W Magazine

  1. Abiel says:

    I think someone needs to explain this one.

  2. jenskie says:

    well i think is to much edited. why they can't post the real Demi body photo? everybody will surely like it, she is gorgeous.

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