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Ever heard of the phrase “Good things comes in small packages”? Then smart fortwo by smart USA is what you call luxury cars of minis. With its 8.8 ft x 5.1 ft x 5.1 ft in dimension, this car really has a lot to offer despite its small body.

With a top speed of 90 mph (144.84 kph)and an acceleration of 0 to 60 mph (96.56 kph, this baby is perfect for that city driving and even on that out of town gig.

Not only that this small baby packs a big punch, it also helps save our environment. The smart fortwo is classified as an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) because of its low exhaust emissions. Then add the new electric drive that will make the car virtually emmission free, efficient and quite. The smart fortwo electric drive be launch on 2010 but in selected cities only but expect a series of production by 2012.

Some of the notable models are:

  • pure coupe
  • passion coupe
  • passion cabriolet
  • BRABUS coupe
  • BRABUS cabriolet
  • electric drive

Ok. it would be very selfish of me, if I didn’t tell you about the features of this sweet mean machine. But you can just check out the specs for yourself. You can click here to access the complete technical specs of pure coupe, which is the most basic or base model of all smart fortwo.

If you want to know the price range the pur coupe is at $11,990* but like what they always say… price are subject to change without any prior notice. My only regret in doing this post is that this sweet ride is not available in the Philippines, hopefully in the near future! Just do that math if you want to know the price in peso.

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Last modified: November 1, 2009

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