Tech News of the Week: 11/15/2009 – 11/22/2009

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It’s been ages since I last posted my last tech news round up. Here are some notable news this week. News about Windows, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Andriod, Iphones and lots of Google Chrome OS!!!!

via Cnet News:
A major release update for Windows Server is due on 2012..(just in time for nibiru). This was apparently carry a Windows 8 code name.

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“When two becomes one” that will be the theme of Google when it comes to its two OSes; Android and Chrome OS in particular.

Here’s a very unique presentation on their future plans.

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via Daily Finance:
Yahoo wants to partnered with Twitter in terms of optimized search results. For free!!! I still believe there the best thing on life are free!!!

Yahoo! (YHOO) is the latest company that wants to optimize its search results for Twitter. This follows moves by Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG) to integrate Twitter data into their search results. Unlike its competitors, however, Yahoo! wants to do this without spending a dime (well, without giving a dime to the hot new social media platform).

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Experts sees a domino effect, once Chrome OS becomes available to consumers.

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via PC World:
This article explains it all..

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Google Chrome OS now available: Get Chrome OS Now


I really need to do a comparison chart of these two hot hot gadgets. But for me… whoever has that killer apps will surely win this battle.

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via Yahoo! Tech News:

Top 10 Internet moments of the decade by Webby Awards
– Craigslist online classified site expands outside San Francisco (2000)
– the launch of Google AdWords (2000)
– the launch of online encyclopedia Wikipedia (2001)
– the shutdown of file-sharing site Napster (2001)
– Google’s initial public offering (2004)
– the online video revolution led by YouTube (2006)
– Facebook opens to non-college students and Twitter launches (2006)
– Apple’s iPhone debuts (2007)
– the use of the Internet in the US presidential campaign (2008)
– the use of Twitter during the Iranian election protests (2009)

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