China Phone or Rip off?

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If you’re one of those people who shopped either at Green Hills or at Harrison Plaza, you may have already noticed notice that the so called “china-fone” have flooded the alley and different cellphone shops.

I was shopping for a new cell phone this week but instead what I saw was cellphone vendor selling tons of china phone or the ripped off copy of legit cell phones brands, mostly Nokia and iPhones (ifake), I even saw on one store selling a china version of Blackberry,which at first look, you will immediately notice that it’s not the real thing. I’ve posed as a buyer and checked some of these units, some are looks 100% legit, but what gave them away, is their low res. camera and they usually supports dual-SIM and they do not have Bluetooth and Wifi. You may even see a Nokia E72 with an antenna. There were even stores that directly say that the cellphone is the real deal.

Anyhow, just be sure to be on guard when buying cell phones to small shops and it is always best to buy units to legit resellers.

For authorized reseller, you can just click on the link of your cell phone brand:

Of course, you can never go wrong if you buy your phones at any malls in the metro!!!

Last modified: December 26, 2009

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China Phone or Rip off?

  1. puzzle says:

    Yeah, I guess it would be better to buy phones at malls.

  2. jenskie says:

    my friend own a chona fone, and i thought its the real one, but when i look at the camera it say "10 megapixels" lol! but, really ifake looks really the same as the real one…

  3. Teknisyan says:

    Yeah.. they are thriving and business looks to be picking up!!!

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