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About NU107.5

For over two decades, the Home of NU Rock NU 107 has been prime proof of the attributes found in either definition of the word “rock”. Since it first hit the airwaves in 1987, NU 107 defined what alternative music is to legions of discerning music fans and to this day, continues to be the premiere rock station in the Philippines. With programming that ensures the loyalty of its longtime listeners while also attracting newer audiences, no other station has remained virtually unchanged while sharing its vision of bringing music that matters to the forefront.

The audience share of NU 107 is indicative of just how varied the landscape of rock music continues to be. While the majority of NU107´s listeners are in the 19-35 age bracket, both male and female listeners are almost equally represented and from every socio-economic sector. So whether you talk to a young girl crushing on the vocalist of her favorite band, or a real estate agent who´s into the newest indie find, you can bet they´re tuned into our frequency. It can be stated that everyone, regardless of class, age or gender, is appreciative of NUs tasteful and balanced programming.

NU107 is also proud to be the only radio station in the Philippines that gives homage to stand-outs and achievers in the local rock music scene through the much anticipated and widely respected music awards show, The NU107 Rock Awards.

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Last modified: December 24, 2009

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