Tech News of the Week: 12/01/2009 – 12/06/2009

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Been a slow weekend but some company went shopping, others are on sale and while others just teamed up to fight a common foe.

via Bloggingstocks:
It’s now official Yahoo and Microsoft will be working together to capture that elusive search market that’s being dominated by Google for years now.

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via Cnet News:
Apple apparently bought the online streaming music service provider Lala. For how much? It was not mention in the article and to what purpose.. only apple knows!!!

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via AOL Tech News:
After the revamp and improvements made on Friendster, they are now on the selling block for a whopping $100 Million. They still have marketshare and they are the number social networking portal in Asia. Which is still a large market compare to US and other parts for the world. I for one.. does not believe in Facebook. MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are just powered by celebrity and uses the same concept that Friendster created, while Friendster have longevity, look what happened to MySpace?!:)

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Last modified: December 7, 2009

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