Marty Cooper: The Father of Cellphone

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What would you ask if you get to interview the inventor of something that changed the world? Or what would you say to that person? This came to mind when I read the article from

They have a very interesting article titled “Marty Cooper, Inventor of the Cell Phone, Wields a Droid“, its about the interview of C-Span with Marty Cooper, the inventor of cellphone.

In the video Marty Cooper explain the origin of the word “cell” that you see on the “cellphone” or what he always say “cellular telephony”. He also gives his own point-of-view about the current state of mobile communication industry and what he things about iphone and android phone.

Though the guy is in his 80’s, what I can say is that he really knows his game.

Watch the complete 30 Plus minutes interview below.

Last modified: March 14, 2010

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